What to do with a Glowing Review!

5-star review

You’ve reached out to several of your clients to request a brief testimonial…or perhaps your testimonials have come in the door unsolicited (lucky you)! Now…what to do with those glowing reviews?
Front and Center on Your Website
Clearly, you’ll want to house a prominent location for your testimonials on your website. Or, create a separate tab solely for reviews and testimonials. Instead of a static quote, make those words sing and dance. Can you add a scrolling feature to your homepage, so that it catches the eye of your visitors? Can you add a photograph of the individual who provided the thoughtful words? Can you link back to your reviewer’s page to share the love? Spice it up!
A great example can be found here on the Sound Bites website – scroll down to the “Raving Fans” section of the homepage. Clever subtitle, yes? I think so!
Post those Likes on LinkedIn
Invite your colleagues, clients, partners, etc. to post a testimonial on your LinkedIn page (short and sweet instructions here). You’ll have the opportunity to review it prior to it “going live.” Better yet, post a testimonial for someone that you admire first. Then invite them to return the favor.
Live Testimonial
I recently heard a story about two individuals who delivered marketing presentations to the same audience. Presenter #1 introduced herself, discussed her business and gave her sales pitch. Presenter #2 took a different approach. She invited two customers to the stage who shared their experiences of working with Presenter #2. Their accounts were sincere and powerful. At the end of the session, Presenter #2 was swarmed by attendees who were interested in her business – she let others speak for her. Sometimes hearing it from a third-party is all it takes. Do you have the opportunity to have a client join you on stage?
Case Studies, Sell Sheets, Flyers
Consider opportunities to include powerful testimonials in your written collateral, such as case studies, sell sheets, flyers or other “leave-behinds.” Case studies need not be lengthy, but if you have a strong story to share about a customer’s success, it is worth posting on your site or printing to share as a flyer or “leave-behind” at a conference or speaking engagement. Same is true of sell sheets – these one-pagers include a snapshot about you, your business, contact information, and a testimonial or two.
One of my clients, Chere Bork, MS, RDN, keeps a Word document of her testimonials, so that she has comments at the ready when she needs them! I think she’s up to a 57-page document at last count, right, Chere? Perhaps I exaggerate a touch, but yes, she’s one talented dietitian and life coach!
What clever ways have you used testimonials for marketing purposes?